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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday's Household - sickness

In our house, my littlest guy has a fever and I have been coughing so much that I'm hardly sleeping much at night.  Feeling pretty miserable, and in our house Mommy on the couch usually ends up with disaster. 

But I've been keeping up, so today, I'm not doing extras.  I pulled a freezer meal out of the freezer - Chicken Noodle Soup.  In a few minutes, I'll pull my bread mixes out of the freezer and make two batches of bread, which will only take about 10 minutes.  I started a load of the laundry I could find, but there isn't much more than that.  And I washed up the dishes. 

If this were the stomach flu, I think everything would be left, but I am capable of little bits at a time.  I still have to drive the kids to school and pick them up later and grab some milk today.  But it's nice to know that I can relax on the couch with my baby. 

I think we'll turn on "Planes" in a little bit, and sip some Hot Spiced Cider. 

Keep pressing on today, you never know when you'll be on the couch. :)


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