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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wednesday's Household - consistency

This is for yesterday.  I probably say it too many times, but that's because it's not sinking into my brain very well.  Consistency is the one of the keys to a happy home. 

It means that instead of doing what I want, I will do what needs to be done first. 

I will not listen to the lies that tell me I will never be done.  Those lies only serve to bring defeat and discouragement.

I will do what I can today and when my family is home, I will enjoy them and teach them patiently to care for their own things, and tomorrow, yes, I will do the same things again.  But  each day, it will be easier, it will be neater. 

There will be set backs.  You should have seen my laundry pile after Thanksgiving weekend and I was doing laundry throughout the weekend!  But I will not let them conquer me.

I will press on.   Yes, dishes are never done, there are always a few sitting on the counter in my home, but I will not gripe about someone getting a cup to get a glass of water.  Of all things!!!!!  (And yes, I have done that.) 

My to-do list is a help for me as I serve my family.  I will not be it's slave!  I refuse to be mastered by it to the point where I complain if someone messes up what I have accomplished.  Where is the peace and tranquility in that? 

I want my home to be a haven a place where my family can come and relax from a hard day's work and be refreshed. 

Keep pressing on

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