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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

Today, we start our women's Bible study in town.  I'm kind of excited for that.  We'll be studying Romans which has become very special to me since I memorized Romans 1, 8 and 12.  I think I'd like to start memorizing the rest of Romans.

On a completely different note, we opened our Baby Core from Timberdoodle.  All of my kids are away at school, so this homeschooling mom still has to homeschool someone - babies will do.  There are a couple of books, but it's mostly toys.

In some homes, it's called Box Day.  And we had a blast.  I even recruited an assistant teacher.  :)

Looking at these super-easy puzzles, Tractorman said "I am so going to help them learn these."

 "A box in a box."  So funny to my little man.

And so we are excited for tomorrow, when we can start!  Today, of course, is Bible Study.  These toys will be special toys for an exclusive time of the day.  Something to look forward to.  I love the magnetics - the box in the box.

Keep on keeping on,

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