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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cooking Tuesday and Wednesday's household - can you tell I'm having trouble getting back from vacation?

For cooking Tuesday:  I must say I am terribly grateful to my pastor's wife/kids' schoolteacher for clueing me in to this wonderful thing.    Tomatoes do not have to be canned to be put up for use in the winter.  Nope. 

They can be washed and cored and thrown in a freezer bag, and straight to the freezer.  This allows me the possibility of working with them when things slow down a bit - harvest-wise.  I am hoping to try making salsa with them after they're frozen to see how that works.

One down-side is they take up a lot of freezer space.  So you may have to freeze them and then the next day take them out and peel them and use them as you wish - in sauces or salsa.

For Wednesday's Household:  I must say I am working still on being consistent and helping our kids stay focused.  But they are away at school, so we mostly work on it in the morning with the goal of being done with dishes, room, animal-care and piano.  When everyone is done, we get to watch something while we wait for the van to leave for school.

I hate being the mean one, and I want them to take some responsibility, but ignoring it has not been working.  So we're stepping up our game.  And Daddy has noticed and is on board and helping with discipline in the evenings.  (He's not even home in the mornings, except for breakfast.) 

What I must remember though is that the discipline will be beneficial to all and our family will be much happier.

Keep pressing on,

More pics from our vacation below:

My sister's family with my parents

Getting set up for the big family picture - my parents and my dad's kids

I wonder where everyone is.  It would appear that some of my family were missing.

O.k. go find so-and-so.

Still waiting....

Ahh, and now we are all here.  My brother, sister and I were all here with our kids.  It was fun to be together.  So far, I believe since my wedding, we haven't been all together with my stepmom's kids and families.

Now, it's all of my grandpa's and grandma's great-grandkids

My dad and stepmom and some of their grandkids.  They are missing five.

The three of us and Dad and Mom, with some extras. :)

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