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Monday, September 16, 2013

Habits are hard to break - hopefully, even good ones

I've been having a hard time getting the basement bathroom clean.  Half of us use it, I'm just not part of that group, so I rarely see how it looks. 

I've been thinking about getting into habits.  Bad habits are hard to break, but if that's true could not the same thing be said for good habits?    So today I started training myself in a habit. 

Here's my dilemma - when I'm doing the cleaning, I usually have two or four kids in my living room.  I can't leave them long.  I can hear them while I'm in the basement, but it takes too long to clean the bathroom.  I can't just go down there and clean the bathroom.  5 minutes is do-able, but not 15.

My washing machine is in the basement.   So every time I go downstairs to start another load, I will clean one thing in the bathroom.  I already have a routine for my bathroom cleaning - mirror, sink, shower, toilet, and finally floor. 

First load of laundry - clean the mirror and sink.  Second load - the shower.  Third - the toilet.  Fourth - sweep the floor.  Fifth - mop.  If I don't have five loads, I'll just pick up tomorrow where I left off.  I don't get it done but once a week right now, so even this would be better.

I'm making my basement bathroom a habit.

Keep pressing on,

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