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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cooking Tuesday and Wednesday's Household - TOMATOES!!!!

Around here we've been getting a lot of tomatoes.   On Monday, I ran out while my school kids were here to watch the little ones and picked a five-gallon bucket.  Yesterday, I was out all morning with an orthodontist appointment, so I didn't get to them. 

But today....I had about 20 minutes to put them away.  This idea is from our pastor's wife.  Our freezer is filling up so I do need to find a day to make some spaghetti sauce, but for now this is a quick and efficient way of storing those tomatoes until I have time.  Hopefully, it won't be quite so hot when I'm canning spaghetti sauce.

First, of course, I put them in the sink to wash them. 

Then I cored them.

Last, I put them in a freezer bag.  Now you can see why my freezer is getting full.  One five-gallon bucket brought about 5 of these bags.  Praise the Lord for His goodness in providing our needs.

This is also under Wednesday's Household, because it's so important to keep up with my produce so that it doesn't rot in the bucket or on the vine.

Keep pressing on,

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