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Friday, February 4, 2011

Wayne Watson's song "For Such a Time as This"

Today is cleaning day. When I finish with my outside job for the week, it's time to finish up school (hopefully the kids have worked ahead, so we don't have a full day) and then clean the house from top to bottom. That way when Daddy's home, we don't have to be cleaning the house, just maintenance and we can enjoy being together without huge messes. :)

While we were cleaning, someone turned on Wayne Watson's The Way Home. "For Such a Time as This" came on and it was interesting to apply it to cleaning the house. The words that struck me were, "Now, all I have is now, to be faithful, to be HOLY, and to shine lighting up the darkness." To be faithful, I get, but to be holy, that was a new thought. Yes, I am being faithful to do what I should - clean my house, but am I being holy while doing it. That is not always true. I would have to say that maybe I'm not even being faithful, if my attitude is wrong, but anyway that was my thought for the day. Might change the outcome for the day.

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