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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Encouragement for Today

As I've been looking at how I'm doing as a mom, sometimes it gets discouraging to see my failings. But our pastor said something yesterday that was a good reminder. Or maybe it was on Sunday, but that the flesh, the old man, has not been eradicated from my life. He still is a contender in my day-to-day decisions. Why is that good? Why am I encouraged by that?

Because as I look at my life and see lots of room for growth, I also am secure in the fact that heaven is my prize and always will be. I don't have to wonder, after a bad day, if I'm really a believer and if I'm going to heaven. I know I am.

I know that while I may have lost rewards that day, I am still "saved, yet so as by fire." So I can keep pursuing a full reward and still have a chance of hearing my beloved Saviour say, "Well, done, good and faithful one!"

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