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Monday, February 14, 2011

Focus on heaven

My dh and I talk regularly about God's purpose for us on this earth. One thing we've learned more deeply than ever in the recent years is if you don't know where you are going on this earth or what your purpose is, it's awfully hard to figure out what you should be doing now.

We started on this life fairly certain of God's purpose for our lives and then the basket upset and very basic decisions became difficult. If we were going to remain here, then we need jobs and a house of our own. But then if we are called back into the ministry, then we don't want to invest a lot of money in a house and getting "tied down" as it were to this place.

So, we really need to sit down and renew our minds before the Lord and ask Him to show us again what He would have for us today. It helps to know where we'll be tomorrow, but that isn't guaranteed.

So, while that doesn't solve my problem of wanting to know where we'll be in ten years, I can live at peace because I know that God knows and that's all that matters.

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