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Friday, May 29, 2009

Work and housework??

Today I found out there is a position - fulltime- where I work with the mentally challenged. It would be evenings and mornings and 8 hours a day, but I wouldn't work when dh is working. So that's a plus. Question is, is it worth it to have healthcare and a full-time position to miss seeing my school kids during the week.

I have lots of cleaning to do and laundry to hang up. After the in-laws leave it's usually rushing trying to get ourselves back to the normal chaos and clutter. Yesterday, I went through the younger four's clothes and pitch, pitch, pitched. I think I took out four bags. That will help. I saved conservatively because aunt and g'ma love to shop for clothes. So we may not need all we have even now.

Today it's trying to get the schoolroom back in order. I think we'll be sending our kids to private school next year. So the schoolroom may become the sewing room. Woohoo!!!

I was able to get quite a bit of piecing done this weekend, because of travelling and visiting the zoo. I can hand piece in the car and got quite a bit done. Now I just hope that the quilt shop will be open soon, so I can go and ask some questions. :)

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