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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Schedules and meal planning

Today was a bit but not much different.

Breakfast was french toast - all homemade even the syrup. About a dozen and a half eggs at 98 cents per dozen is $1.50 plus the bread is $1.50. That's approximate since we ate a bit more than a loaf. So that's $3 and then I made syrup, so that was probably another dollar. 9 people eating for 4 dollars isn't too bad.

We usually try to eat early enough that my dh can go to work at 8:00. And he likes a real breakfast since he does physical labor, so we all sit down to breakfast usually.

8-9 was clean-up and we ran a bit overtime, that was upstairs and down

9-10 was some math and language, even though we ran over on the cleaning we still were finished by 10

10 -11 was supposed to be Sesame Street and Health for the oldest two, but we finished health early and I needed to make a bank run so we did that. I had cooked rice while we were doing our math and language so the rest was easy.

11-12 We got back from the bank and I started the hamburger cooking, talked to one of my good friends in another state, and hung up two loads of laundry. It's funny that hanging it outside really helps me to get it done and not have huge piles of laundry to fold or to wash.

12-1 Lunch and clean-up: For lunch we had: rice with hamburger and greens from the garden. With a little bit of mustard in the hamburger, it tasted good over rice. 4 cups of rice is about $1.00 and 2 lbs of hamburger at $2/pound is $4 and the greens did cost time. But $5 for a main meal isn't too bad when there are 10 of us eating my dh's teen-age worker ate with us for lunch.
So at a goal of $.50 per person per meal that is still within my budget and I have some room to breathe because breakfast was less than that.

1-1:30 will be reading after we clean up the kitchen

1:30-2:30 will be gardening with the kids only doing a half hour and then for them it will be free time mostly outside until 5:00.

At 5:00, they will need baths and I'll need to set out supper things, probably sandwiches and salad. With supper being say 2 loaves of bread, PB and J, a bit of meat and cheese and salad. I think the bread would be $2.50, the toppings probably not more than 2 dollars. The salad stuff is free because it's from the garden. So $4.50 for 9 people. Still within budget and some leftover veggies and dip will be for snack today. I'd taken it to quilt guild. So I don't count leftovers, since they've already been counted once. :) I will have to take something to Bible study, maybe cinnamon rolls which may cost about $2.

So breakfast was $4, lunch $5, supper $4.50 and dessert $2. Total is 15.50 for the day for 9 people. We can't even eat at McDonalds one meal for that.

At 5:30 we'll eat and at 6:00 we need to do the dishes

At 6:30 we'll pick up a little girl, I think, I'll have to call and check. and head to church for Bible study.

At about 9:30 we'll probably be home and head to bed. Yeah!

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