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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Scheduling and school

Well, I've been gone for a long time. Summer kept us busy. I'd like to get back on track again.

The job didn't work out, but now there is a new position, so I'll be looking into that. It's all in God's hands and He knows the best thing for our family.

Now that we're back to school, I find I'm needing a new schedule. It seems we're always tweaking them, but as our life changes we need a schedule that changes too.

So here's ours:
6:00 - devotions for me and planning for the day - I really need this, but find that when the alarm goes off I'm quick to decide that I don't need it. OOPS!!!!

6:30 - breakfast prep - because of the cost we don't do cold cereal in the mornings, so I have a schedule of meals for mornings. I usually don't like to think something up at 6:30 in the morning. :)

7:00 - breakfast

7:30 - family devotions and dishes

8:00 - I start getting the kids loaded up in the van to go to school

8:30 - I usually catch up on something that needs doing at home.

9:00 - Sesame street is on, so I want to use this time to do maintenance at home. Starting with the upstairs and working my way downstairs, I pick up and clean. This is not a strong point for me, thus it's scheduled in.

10:00 - I would like to use this time for preschool, reading and doing some "school" pages

11:00 - lunch prep and yard work

11:30 - lunch and dishes

12:00 - nap

12:30 - paperwork - our personal and dh's business paperwork as well. Questions come to mind like, "Do I really need that or can it wait until we see at the end of the month if we have spare cash?"

1:30 or 2:00 - garden work - lots of produce coming in right now, so this is a must if I'm going to keep up

3:00 - get the little ones ready to pick up the school kids

3:45 - unpack lunch sacks and backpacks and all the things kids need to do when they get home from school

4:00 - start on our strict 15-min schedule to get through piano - the order is piano, computer time, bedroom clean-up, downstairs room clean up. Each of the older kids have a room to clean and they get 15 minutes a day to do that during this rather intense schedule.

6:00 - last of the supper preparations

6:15 - supper

6:45 - dishes

7:00 - homework and baths and bed for the little ones

8:00 - dd1 who's in 1st grade - bedtime

9:00 - ds1-3 - bed time

10:00 - ahh! bedtime

My purpose in life is "to know Him and make Him known". This schedule helps me to do that because I stay on task and keep up with things that I need to do. It also does flex and bend, but when I do that too much and get off track, I can look back at it and then start again.

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