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Monday, May 25, 2009

We got home yesterday from a day-trip to a town 3 hours away, family reunion. Though I didn't want to we cleaned out the van and then took care of everything when we got home. It's so nice to not have to get that cleaned up before family gets here. DH's parents are coming back from there today and his sister is a half hour away. So laundry and vacuuming, sweep & mop and bathroom need to be done before then. Also the babies (2 youngest) seem to be stomach-sick, so I'll be cleaning their beds and their rooms. We'll see if it gets done. I'll have to prioritize. I don't mind doing laundry while they are here so that will be last. The rooms are a must, first thing after the kids wake up, and the bathroom is high priority. Sweeping and mopping will be after that and then vacuuming. The children can help me with the floors easy enough.

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