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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

De-cluttering Day Two

Well, we're on Day Two and I'm re-vamping my list.  I found that I like to de-clutter by cupboard as opposed to by things.  So there are 7 days in the kitchen.  I did all my drawers in one day, but today I did the top cupboards on two walls.  The cupboards over the stove and fridge I'll do another day.  The reason I want to do this, is because I want to clean (if necessary) the cupboards I'm cleaning.

The goal is 10 things, and as she says in her blog some days you will find 10 and other days you won't.  Depending on how you count it, this is a less-than-10 day.  Here's what I found:
  • food processor (I think it's not working and so have not been using it.)  I have already replaced it with a Pampered Chef tool that takes up way less space.  I needed it for slicing and shredding, but the Simple Slicer works best for me.  So I'll see if it works and if it does, I'll give it to our community thrift store.
  • coffee filters that do not fit our coffee maker.  Throwing them away, because we haven't had a coffee maker that fits those filters for a long time
  • and a salsa jar that I thought might work for canning (it says Mason on it), but found out that the rings don't work, so I don't need it.
And there you have it only three things, but if we count the pieces to my food processor and my coffee filters there's at least 10.  But that might be cheating, don't you think?  ;)

Here's to the second day of de-cluttering.  I'm also reading "31 days to a clean house".  I think that one will be a perpetual reader for a time. 

Making the most of today

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