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Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 7 - Pantry and storage closet

There really isn't a lot to de-clutter in these two spots, but our pantry needs organized once in awhile and for me this is a good time to do that.  

Whenever I shop and the cupboards are low in stuff is the best time to do the pantry.  Usually I try to do that, but sometimes it all just gets thrown in there. 

The storage closet got some upgrades in it.  We have our recycling bins and our trash for the dump in there.  I'm trying to work out a better system for that trash as we go about once a month to the dump.  So this weekend, Jones built a boot rack for me.  So all our chore boots are in there along the back wall.  The cat food and dog food is also stored in there, much to the delight of the mouse who has found it.  It's now his pantry where he gets all his food.  Ugh!

So nothing was thrown from these rooms, unless you count all the trash from the bin that was already trash.  :)  Yeah, no.  Can't count that.

Hope you're enjoying your de-cluttering.

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