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Friday, September 14, 2012

Day Four

The cupboards above and between the stove and fridge, excluding the cookbooks

I just had to remind myself today of why I am de-cluttering.  It is NOT so that I can go buy new stuff.  It IS so that I can find the stuff I have and use it wisely.  When I am out shopping these days, I think am I buying something that I will be getting rid of in a few weeks or months, something that will sit on my shelves and hide the things I really use and need.

So I tackled my pots and pans cupboard which mostly just needed straightening.  Nothing to get rid of there.  And then the cupboard above the fridge.  I'm afraid it collects everything that needs a home when company comes - everything in the kitchen that is.  So today I found the homes for all these poor, lost things.

Things to get rid of:
  • light bulb that doesn't work
  • coffee pot that won't work with our coffee maker
I think that was about it today.  Hope you are finding the things that need homes.  Just think you'll be able to find them and then won't be out buying new of what you already had.

Making the most of today,

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