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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

De-Cluttering Day One

I just found a new site that really takes the plan work out of de-cluttering.  I am going on an 8 week journey of de-cluttering and I hope I inspire some of you to do it too.  If you would like to join me, check out this site for the details  And then follow me as we go through each day.

I must admit that I thought this day would be easy.  I've been following FLYLady for awhile and I have been trying to de-clutter.  Today is cleaning out the kitchen drawers.  I only have eight, so I thought that I wouldn't be able to find ten things.

As I went through the drawers, I thought about the three things that she mentioned in her blog.  "Is this beautiful, useful and worth keeping?"  I found more than 10 things.

All of my things I threw in the trash today because I felt that they were either too old or not worth anything to anyone as they were.  Here are my items:
  • 1 paintbrush (an old child's paintbrush)
  • 1 metal pancake turner ( I don't want my kids using it on my good pans, so out it goes.)
  • 4 old birthday candles,
  • a matching game that was cut out of a magazine
  • 4 rolls of film (my oldest doesn't want to spend the money to get them developed, and I don't want to keep looking at them)
  • 2 safety pins (yes, I know, I should've taken them to my sewing bag, but I was too lazy)
  • a cough syrup measurer (I was saving it in case we lose the one that comes with our cough syrup, but not anymore)
  • a grill tool that we have a double for (convincing myself I DO NOT NEED two)
  • a measuring spoon that has no others to match and I have two other sets
  • a Tupperware lid for a cup - you may think that's crazy, but I have no need for those lids for cups and no it's not the sippy cup lids.

Found: the 15 pound piece to my canner lid that I've been searching for for awhile.

Does this inspire you?  Go clean out some drawers in your kitchen!!! Did you find 10?  What thing did you find that you've been missing?  Of your ten things were any hard choices or things you found hilarious that you have been saving such an item? 

Making the most of today,

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  1. I just found out as I read over the list of things to do that I did two days on her list. Day 1 and Day 4, and part of Day 5. So thankfully, I'm ahead because I have company coming for a week and won't want to be doing it while they are here. :)