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Monday, March 14, 2011

Think about such things

Just read about praying the Word in Elizabeth George's book "Loving God with all your mind". I think I'm going to need it this week as I'm going through a status change. No more working outside the home for this mommy for awhile. It's been a great experience, but the family needs me home.

So I'll be praying the Word, especially Romans 8:28 through the week as I say my good-byes. I'll still see them but the relationship won't be the same. I'll definitely miss them. I loved my job and hope to go back as soon as the door opens in that direction again. Told them I'm comin' there first. :)

He knows that all things work together for good, but when I pray it out loud or in my heart, I'm reminding myself again of the truth. So it's a step beyond just meditating on His Word, but applying it to the day and the issue I'm dealing with.

This change won't be from super busy to easy. As my dh keeps telling me it probably will be harder. It's fairly quiet where I work and for an hour or so in the evening, I have no one grabbing on my arm calling me to this or that.

That will all change next week, when it will be back to the full-time mommy and daddy will be working long hours since the days are longer. Knowing this ahead of time helps prepare for the difficult parts of it. I'll be reminding myself that life is like labor, just breathe and you'll get through it better, but if you start screaming, everything gets worse. In other words, if I trust God, it'll be better, but when I start getting upset (throwing a big-person fit) then things go downhill very quickly.

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