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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We're talking about bearing fruit in difficult times. So I'm relating Joseph's situation to me. Of course I'm not in prison. But there are times when I think it's so unfair, and lately without a grudge, I've been pondering if dh and dc really understand all that goes into cleaning a house and the thankless tasks that are involved in keeping up the home. The tasks we do are noticed if they aren't done, but not necessarily noticed if they ARE done. Like doing the dishes, if they're done, people just don't remember that they were there. But if they aren't done, people notice that. So sometimes it seems unfair that no one knows what all I do, in detail. But when I think of Joseph and Paul, my life seems pretty easy. There is no real big things in my life, like being thrown into prison or beaten to death. There was a quote in this section from Hudson Taylor I think that I liked. Something about doing the small things well. I'll have to find it because it was pretty good when thinking about the household chores and being faithful with the whiny children. So pondering this I guess (I know) I need to change my attitude about the little things.

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