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Monday, March 21, 2011

Jeremiah 29:11 (continued)

"The priorities of building solid, long-lasting, and ongoing marriage, families, and home lives were to be their focus-not their pain." --Loving God with all Your Mind

The Israelites were told by God to start building their homes in the land of captivity. God gave them something to do so that they wouldn't be focused on their pain. Yes, this was punishment for their sin, but He still had a plan for them. How much more for us when we are dealing with the hurts of this world. He wants us to be focused on the next thing.

Focus on the next thing, when I'm discouraged and hurt. Focus on the next thing, when the house is in shambles and my kids are sick. Focus on the next thing, when my kids are disobedient and not responding in an appropriate manner. I'm to focus on the next thing, not the whole thing. The whole thing is a huge mountain, but the next thing is one step.

When I'm discouraged and hurt - the next thing may be just to set aside the problem and wash the dishes. When my house is in shambles and my kids are sick - the next thing might be to wash the dishes or to clean up after the baby being sick. When my kids are disobedient, the next thing may simply to respond appropriately.

When I'm focusing on the pain, I'm immobilized and can't do anything. When I'm focused on the next thing God has for me, I'm energized. Well, maybe not too much till I get that first thing done, but after that, I'm feeling encouraged because one thing is done. And it seems that when we are doing His will, He stretches the time to make it enough for what we need to do.

So, bloom where you're planted

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