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Monday, March 4, 2013

Project Monday - greenhouse

Some of you knew that Carpenter and I went on our Valentine's Day date,over a week late and to our favorite place to go in the big city.   While there one of the big items on our list was the materials for a greenhouse.  We have a book of DIY projects and this was one Carpenter thought we should try.  

He's cutting the little thin CPVC for the stakes.
Tractorman was in on the project helping to pound the "stakes" in the ground.

Tank getting in on the action. Putting the pieces together.  The plan was to all work together and lift up on the stakes, but we couldn't.  We ended up putting up a section of two poles, then another and finally the last one.

Finished.  This PVC fit over the little CPVC underneath.
This was the first try with two pieces of plastic.  According to the instructions it was supposed to cover front and back sides as well.

We ran to Wal-mart and found almost the full size of what we needed.  It covered the back, but not the front.  So we took one of the sheets we had used and cut it in half and made a door way that overlaps a lot. 

The back side

 The doorway in this picture is not yet done. And now we have to start thinking about what to put in here. 

The other question and hopefully, we'll remember to let you know, is will it stand up to Nebraska winds. 

A future project is to build each of the kids a 4X4 box to plant their seeds in.  That won't go in the greenhouse as it will stay in the box all summer.  I'm excited about helping them learn about caring for their own garden.  They  have always helped in the past, but this will be theirs.

Making the most of today

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