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Monday, April 23, 2012

Seek those things which are above... part 2

How exciting to read my last post and see the places and changes God brought to us that very day!  He does all things well.  I definitely hope I don't forget too quickly the lessons I've learned this past week.  Surely if I learn them well, I won't spend so much time worrying next time. 

DH called me the same evening I wrote the last post.  He told me that he felt that I wasn't able to handle all the things on my plate and that some should be removed.  His first thought was to remove the babysitting.  I didn't like that but continued to listen as he expressed concern for the children's schooling.  I agreed with him, hadn't I, just hours before, written these exact same things?  He hadn't read my blog, so I know that it was God working in our hearts together.

As we continued to talk, I asked about the Christian school at our church.  It has never been an option because usually we are tight financially, but I wondered aloud if babysitting would offset that cost.  If babysitting would bring in even a bit more than the cost of tuition, then at least my income would not be $0.  The more we talked the more we liked that idea better and I liked not needing to tell some parents that I couldn't watch their kids anymore.

We've had a few freaky moments where we forgot that my income isn't part of the budget anymore and started worrying about if it all adds up.  But God is seeing us through and I'm excited to see what He is doing in our hearts and in our family.

My week ended with Gracia Burnham speaking at our church Sunday morning.  What a joy it was to see her again!  I have babysat her children, though that makes me feel old and her husband Martin was the pilot that flew us in and out of the village for awhile.  Her words were super encouraging and gave dh and I pause to think about some things she shared.  She re-ignited that desire to be in ministry again.  We don't know where God is leading us, but are continuing to pray that He would show us if and when and where He wants us to move.


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