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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1 Peter 5:10

Still thinking about this verse. It's encouraging to think that after we've suffered awhile He will perfect, strengthen, establish and settle us. It seems to me that the order is somewhat interesting too. Perfect-seems to come first after the suffering. After all, the purpose of suffering is to perfect me, to bring me to completion,to conform me to Christ's image. Strengthen - this also seems to be a result of being brought to completion. We will be stronger spiritually. Establish - this word makes me think of finding your niche or your place in this world and definitely seems like it could be a result of being strong and confident because of Christ. Lastly, settle - currently, my favorite. It makes me think of a home where everything has a place. And I'm thinking probably wouldn't be happening without being established. I love this verse, as we are currently preparing some land for a house. It helps me see in a physical way what Peter was talking about.

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