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Friday, April 30, 2010

Girls' room

Today, I'm home for the weekend. I'm quite tired and really don't feel like dealing with the issues that must be dealt with at home. But I know that once I get started I'll be glad I did. Maybe starting with a shower would help. It was somewhat of a long week at work and I'm not really ready for more work.

Later: I got inspired to do some work - not really housecleaning, though it will help. I've been wanting to paint the girls' room, since I bought the wrong color of paint for the downstairs bathroom. It's not a good color for that room, but a great color for a girl's room. So I cleaned everything out of their closet and started painting it. Then Jeff is planning on putting shelves in for organization, and I'd like to figure out something for shoes. I know they have those shoe things to go under the bed, but I'm hoping to keep from spending money. I also need to screw in their curtain rod and maybe put the blinds back up.

Even later: So I painted the closet once and while I was doing that, the boys got into the sugar and spread it all over the kitchen and were cutting bread with scissors. So I finished the closet while they were napping. Actually finished painting it once. The trim still needs to be done.

My goal for myself these days is to love my children. There's too much impatience with their naughtiness and I don't believe that is right. Naughtiness and disobedience are unacceptable but when I'm mad because they are disobedient, then I am wrong and not displaying the fruit of the Spirit. Consistency tempered with love is what my kids need. Compassion is missing in my life.

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